The 7th International Conference on Local Government (ICLG2022)

"Leadership for Digital Governance: Building the Teams to Implement the Technology"
November 18-19, 2022 • Pullman Arcadia Naithon Beach, Phuket, Thailand
Hybrid Conference

Abstract submission deadline extended to September 30, 2022


Digital technology for government is well-known throughout the world. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic has vastly accelerated this growth and acceptance of digital technology worldwide. What is difficult for governments to grasp, oftentimes, especially at the local levels, is how government agencies, local governments, private companies, and voluntary entities can efficiently and successfully implement this technology in their own organizations. Many experts agree that the success of these implementations begins with the leaders and the teams they build.

The College of Local Administration (COLA), Khon Kaen University, Thailand, is proud to host the 7th International Conference on Local Government (ICLG2022)ICLG2022 aims to bring together those who have succeeded and those who are looking for the best practices in achieving their goals of digital governance implementation. COLA invites scholars and practitioners in the field of performance management to present their work on topical areas related to local government and this year’s theme: "Leadership for digital governance: Building the teams to implement the technology." Insights gained through this mutual learning process will advance an existing body of knowledge in local governance and development.

Topics of interest at ICLG2022 include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital Governance
    • Digital disruption and public affairs at the local, regional, and national levels
    • Enhancing public services through digital technology and innovation
    • Social media in local governance
  • Smart City
    • Smart city initiatives in developed and developing countries
    • Challenges to smart city development
    • Urban management
    • Urban planning
  • Local Governance
    • Local governance and intergovernmental relations
    • Local economic development and poverty alleviation
    • Principles of governance at the local level
    • Local involvement in public healthcare and education reforms
    • Environment and local natural resources
    • Inter-local and regional collaboration
    • Local wisdom, culture, and social capital
  • Public Administration, Public Policy, and Public Services
    • Alternative public service delivery methods
    • Representation, participation, deliberation, and conflict resolution
    • Transformational leadership and community development
    • Domestic violence and social services

We look forward to accepting your papers and participation in the ICLG, either in Phuket, Thailand, or with us online.

Call for proposals

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